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Benefits Repiping your home


A repipe is a complete replacement and/or bypass of the existing water distribution system beginning at the transition point between the exterior and interior service pipe and terminating at the various fixtures within the residence. Old Galvanized pipes and old Copper pipes develop pinhole leaks which can result in mold growth in your walls or under your slab. Our top-notch service includes replacement of all pipe fittings, stop valves and supply lines.

We are true re-piping experts. We have re-piped many homes and apartments over the past 35 years. When we re-pipe your home we will have a well trained and experienced crew working on your project to provide the highest quality re-pipe job in the industry.


Benefits of repiping with COPPER or PEX:

  Increased water pressure.
•  No more rusty or discolored water.
•  Using more than one fixture at a time.
•  No more leaky pipes.
•  Prevention before a disaster.
•  The sense of security and greater peace of mind.
•  You don’t have to ask for permission to take a shower.
•  The increased desirability of home and added value to your home.
•  No scalding in the shower when the washing machine, sink, or toilet is used.

Let one of our journeyman plumbers give you a free in home estimate, and show you how
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