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From the smallest fixture replacement
to the largest overhaul


For most homeowners, remodeling starts out as a fun project, involving design choices and themed décor. With plumbing remodeling, you get to pick out new fixtures for your kitchen and/or bathroom that flow with your new countertops, cabinets, lighting, and other design choices. However, when the parts start to arrive and it’s time for installation, things can quickly go south without the proper professional plumbing company to assist.


Remodeling Plumbing Disasters

During your plumbing remodeling project, the two most vital rooms in your home – the kitchen and the bathroom – are completely taken out of commission for the majority of the project. You may have heard horror stories of a plumber dismantling the kitchen, then leaving it in pieces for weeks at a time, turning otherwise exciting plumbing remodel into a nightmare. At Crown Plumbing, we pay our plumbing technicians by the hour, which means that every job is of equal importance, and you won’t be left waiting while another more ‘lucrative’ project takes priority.

Major Remodeling

In many cases, we can complete a small bathroom remodel or kitchen upgrade on our own. However, in major remodeling projects, carpenters, electricians, and other trade professionals may be required. Coordination is key, so at Crown Plumbing, we recommend hiring a general contractor for major remodels. This person will orchestrate the project from start to finish to assure timely, smooth completion. Crown Plumbing has a list of experienced general contractors from the Portland Metro Area that we can recommend for your upcoming remodel project.

What Makes Us Better

Remodeling your kitchen and bathroom requires a plumbing professional who knows the Oregon codes and can work with building officials to assure the job is done right in the most efficient manner. It’s also important to know that you’ve chosen a seasoned plumber who’s experience and insight will guarantee your project goes off without a hitch. At Crown Plumbing, we have decades of experience remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, so we are familiar with the permits required, adhere to state plumbing codes, and find the right fixtures and parts for your plumbing project. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, all of our work is guaranteed, and we will leave your house as clean as we found it!

Our Remodeling Services

If it’s time to move forward with a plumbing remodel in your Portland-area home, Crown Plumbing is the right contractor for you. From the smallest fixture replacement to the largest overhaul – we do it right. We take pride in providing excellent craftsmanship, personal service, timely work, clean finished remodels and satisfied customers. You can even contact us with simple questions about fixtures if you need advice or a list of building contractors to help coordinate your upcoming job. Crown Plumbing is at your service!

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